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Aerial SkyCam

Drone Camera, Drone Video, and Aerial Mapping

Aerial SkyCam has the best drones and pilots for aerial photography and drone video production. We are #1 in drone camera work. We also provide aerial survey, aerialmapping , and aerial remote sensing services withour drones. We use FAA certified pilots and our ERI AgScout land mapping and survey drone can map 1000 acres of land per hour. 

What We Do

Drone Video Production

Our aerial cinematography and imagery is some of the best in the business, and we use FAA certified pilots to produce quality film and video productions.

Drone Construction Site Monitoring

Our aerial imagery is perfect for construction site monitoring and site documentation along with aerial mapping.

Drone Agricultural Mapping

Our automated aerial mapping drones are perfect for crop mapping and agricultural survey work and can map 1000 acres of land per hour.

Drone Industrial Inspection

Our systems are perfect for Drone Industrial Site monitoring and aerial inspections including Flare and Stack Inspections. Our industrial experience includes work at major facilities along with government installations.

About Aerial SkyCam 

Aerial SkyCam specializes in drone aerial imagery, drone video, and drone film production. We use real FAA certified pilots to conduct our drone operations because pilots understand flight operations and can provide the best aerial imagery while also ensuring a higher level of safety and professionalism when compared to those who do not have real world flight experience. You would not let someone without a drivers license drive your car and so you should also only use real FAA certified pilots for your professional drone aerial video, and other drone service needs.

Aerial SkyCam was founded in 2012. We are based in the Gulf Coast Region of the Southern United States near New Orleans Louisiana, but our professional drone crews are available to shoot drone footage around the world. For Aerial SkyCam no job is too big or too small. Let our professional drone pilots and production crews work for you.

Aerial SkyCam is #1 in Drone Aerial Imagery and Drone Video


Friendly Staff

Aerial SkyCam’s drone crews are friendly and professional. We work directly with production crews, staff, and site managers to create imagery and video that meats your exact expectations and needs.


The Latest in Drone Technology

Aerial SkyCam uses the latest in drone technology to film and produce its aerial imagery. We are also able to produce custom drone systems to meet your needs.


High Quality Drone Aerial Video and Aerial Imagery Production

Aerial SkyCam uses real pilots to create your Aerial Imagery and Aerial Videos. The use of real pilots and professional production crews ensures that you the customer get a quality product and this is why Aerial SkyCam and its real pilots are #1 in drone aerial imagery and drone aerial video production.

Years Established

Past Projects

“Aerial SkyCam’s founder and chief pilot did a great job filming for Fabian Duffels in 1 Buck Film. He was very punctual and creative in his shots and a joy to work with overall.”

Margaret Skipper

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